About Scrapbook

This scrapbook was inspired from Hack Club's scrapbook where each Hack Clubber can send updates on whatever they're doing. From pictures of club meetings, projects, memes, food, and much much more, our scrapbook is the spot for anything Blair Hack Club related and beyond.

Let's create, together.

Cool, so how do I join?

In order to post, you need to join the Blair Hack Club Discord. A post is automatically generated when you send a message to the #scrapbook. Just attach an image or video of your choice, add a caption, and send your message!A scrapbook post about to be sentAfter sending the message, Scrappy should automatically confirm that your post has been uploaded!

Scrappy (the Discord bot)

Scrappy, definitely not heavily inspired from Hack Club's Scrappy, handles everything from uploading your post to changing your username. Check out the available commands below!

  • /scrappy setusername - change your username on the scrapbook
  • /scrappy setavatar - change your avatar on the scrapbook


Blair Hack Club's Scrapbook is fully open source on GitHub.

If you have any more questions, feel free to contact our officers in the Discord or email us at blairhackclub@gmail.com