Don't learn to code alone.
Join Blair Hack Club.

A non-competitive community of creative coders and makers at Montgomery Blair HS. Join us — beginners welcome!

We meet Wednesdays during lunch in room 314.

What's new

Workshops, scrapbook, more!

We're completely reimagining our club this year. We'll be hosting talks and workshops exploring various coding and tech concepts. Also, we're introducing our own scrapbook, where hack clubbers can share what they're learning and making every day.

The rundown

We're at our best when we're making.

Most coding classes teach you programming concepts instead of how to write real code—it's like trying to learn carpentry without any wood. So at Hack Club, you learn to code entirely through building things. You start with no experience and build and ship a project every meeting.

Just as the best carpenters didn't learn in the classroom, neither did the best programmers. Through our talks and workshops, you'll be walked through building projects. Starting out, you won't understand how the code works, but you'll build understanding as you go.

Check out our Notion page, where we'll post our upcoming workshops and activities.

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We run an annual hackathon at Montgomery Blair HS for high school students in the DMV area. Our next event is happening in February 2023. Stay tuned!